A loving adventure begins here

Welcome to our private nursery, where we make every day an adventure for your child. In our nursery, we offer a loving, creative and safe environment that focuses on the holistic development of each individual child.

Zwei kleine Mädchen, eingebettet in eine farbenfrohe, regenbogenförmige Spielstruktur, umgeben von lebhaft bunten Tüchern, lächeln fröhlich in die Kamera.

Why your child will feel at home with us

In our nursery we offer fresh meals, a large playground for safe play and individual support. Our bilingual environment in German and English prepares children for a diverse and interconnected world where language skills and intercultural understanding are key competencies.

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    Freshly prepared meals from our chef

  • playground icon

    Safe and large playground to discover

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    Individual support for every child

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    Playful learning in German and English

How to find us

Our daycare is located in a family-friendly and easily accessible area. We are always ready to welcome you to our nursery and look forward to meeting you and your child in person!

Do you still have questions or a personal request?

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the care and development of your child. Your child's well-being is important to us and we look forward to your visit.

Ein junges Mädchen mit blonden Haaren und einem strahlenden Lächeln sitzt bequem in einem gelben Sessel und hält ein großes, farbenfrohes Kinderbuch.
Zwei glückliche Kinder, ein Mädchen und ein Junge, sitzen auf einer Fensterbank, während draußen ein Regenbogen erscheint.