Our principles are based on the conviction that every child is unique and deserves individual support. We attach great importance to creating an atmosphere of trust and security in which every child can develop freely.

Ein blondes Mädchen im Vorschulalter sitzt glücklich an einem Holztisch in einem gut organisierten Klassenzimmer und bastelt mit bunten Papieren und einer Schere.

Socio-educational principles

In our facility, the children are strengthened and supported in their entire development and all three skills (self-competence, social competence and subject competence). They are cared for in a warm, welcoming environment and in a protected setting so that they can develop on their way to independence. To support their development, the children are offered a wide range of cognitive, creative, social, physical and playful activities. The children should discover for themselves, make their own experiences and live and experience their environment. They should grasp in order to understand. This gives all children the opportunity to orient themselves according to their current needs, wishes, interests or ideas. In this way, we support their curiosity and their natural urge to explore in different ways.

Promoting overall development

Promoting the overall development of each child is at the heart of our educational work. We offer a balanced mix of education, play and creative activities to support cognitive, emotional and social development. We pay particular attention to supporting each child according to their individual stage of development and interests in order to create a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

  • Self-competence

    • Possibility of movement
    • concentration
    • Perception and expressiveness
    • Successes and failures
    • Self-confidence
    • Independence
  • Social competence

    • Empathy, consideration
    • communication
    • Responsibility in the community
    • Conflict resolution
    • Relationships within the group, community
    • Values
  • Professional competence

    • Concept formation in both languages
    • Foundation stone for writing and reading
    • Mathematics foundation
    • Memory and reproduction skills
    • Natural processes and laws
    • Learning first computer skills


We want to enable the children to develop into autonomous, independent and self-confident personalities and support them according to their level of development. A sensory learning environment that enables the child to gain predominantly concrete experiences is another integral component. Children develop particularly well through their own activity.

Topic-oriented goals

Each topic has several sub-categories. This makes it possible to work with the children in a goal-oriented way and to learn different skills and knowledge across competencies. We work on a project basis and pick up on the children's topics and interests for the guided activities.

  • Language

    • The child learns to express itself in a differentiated way
    • They learn a foreign language in a playful way
    • The children experience their first contact with literature and books
    • The foundation for reading and writing is laid
  • Mathematics and geometry

    • Learn simple laws
    • familiarize themselves with basic concepts of mathematics, physics and chemistry
    • Have the opportunity to carry out small experiments themselves
    • They will become familiar with the following concepts: numbers, weights, speed, light, money, quantities, etc.
    • The foundation for further mathematics is laid
  • General knowledge

    • Children's innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge is encouraged through the targeted choice of topics
    • The environment and nature are explored
    • Carrying out experiments and looking for explanations
    • Getting to know our Swiss culture and its customs
    • Consciously experiencing the cultures of other countries
  • Social and emotional area

    • Values, understanding of diversity
    • Conflict resolution
    • communication
    • Dealing with success and failure
    • Relationships within the group, community
    • Responsibility within the community
    • Empathy, consideration
    • Consciously perceiving feelings
  • Music, rhythmics, theater

    • Creativity is encouraged
    • Expressing feelings in a variety of ways
    • Enjoy role play
    • Getting to know different types of music and instruments
    • Singing songs, dancing freely to music and practicing step sequences
  • Craft / creative area

    • Children develop and implement their own ideas
    • The children are allowed to experiment and express themselves with different materials and tools
    • Free and guided handicrafts
  • Gross and fine motor skills

    • Body control and coordination are supported and trained
    • Children should get to know themselves and be able to assess their abilities Regular gymnastics in the gym
    • Outdoor exercise. At least one hour is spent outside every day (playground, walks or forest)
    • A wide variety of free play activities, such as playing with pins, making chains, kneading, etc.

Do you still have questions or a personal request?

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the care and development of your child. Your child's well-being is important to us and we look forward to your visit.

Ein junges Mädchen mit blonden Haaren und einem strahlenden Lächeln sitzt bequem in einem gelben Sessel und hält ein großes, farbenfrohes Kinderbuch.
Zwei glückliche Kinder, ein Mädchen und ein Junge, sitzen auf einer Fensterbank, während draußen ein Regenbogen erscheint.